Turn to gardening for happiness

Turn to gardening for happiness

Negative emotions such as stress and anxiety are a result of being confined in the same spaces and not getting enough exposure to sunlight and fresh air. Studies suggest that most of us are putting our health at risk by not spending enough time in an outdoor space or garden. 

No matter how much place you have in your home, you can try and make room for a small garden or a nursery corner. From young kids to grandparents everyone can enjoy the benefits of gardening. You can either take it up as a weekly
hobby or you can opt for small, green corner with easy-to-manage plants that need watering just once a day. Either way, you will reap the benefits of your green space.

Gardens are places that engage all our senses in a variety of ways. Simply spending time in an open space can do you wonders. When we nurture a garden, we increase our connection with nature and our sense of well-being. Exposure to a natural environment can help you relax. 

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