Class XI – AWS – Report Writing

Advanced Writing Skills
Factual Description

A report is a systematic and well organised presentation of facts and findings of an event that has already taken place somewhere. It is written for a specific readership and intended to be kept as a record. A good report includes the following:
·         the record of a sequence of events
·         interpretation of the significance of these events or facts
·         evaluation of the facts 
·         discussion of the outcomes of a decision or course of action
·         conclusions
·         recommendations
 A report must always be:
·         accurate
·         concise
·         clear                   
·         comprehensive
·         well structured
·         true 
·         interesting
Kinds of Report
·         Newspaper Reports
·         School Reports
·         Speech for Assembly
·         Factual description of a person, place or object
·         Process – Writing
·         Instructions & Directions
1. Headline
2. Name of the report writer
3. Place and date of reporting (For newspaper)
4. Opening paragraph
5. Account of the event in detail
1. Newspaper Reports
(a) You are Madan/ Manisha, a staff reporter of The Indian Express. You have been asked to pay a visit to the site of the bus-train accident at a manned railway crossing near Pulwa station. On the basis of the first-hand information, write a report in about 125-150 words.
Train accident – 7 dead and 16 injured
                                                                                                                            —   by Madan
Ghaziabad, January 15: Seven school children were killed and 16 injured when the Taj Express rammed into a school bus at a manned railway crossing near Pulwa station, 15 kilometers from here, on Saturday. Three of the injured are said to be in a critical condition.
The accident occurred at around 8:25 a.m. The crossing had been closed but was opened by railway gateman on a request from the bus driver who was in a hurry to get the students to school. Neither of them saw the train coming as the fog had reduced the visibility almost to zero. As the bus sneaked through the gate, the train rammed it from behind.
The Railway announced Rs. 5 lakh in compensation to the families of the dead, Rs. 100000 each for the seriously injured and Rs. 10,000 each for those with minor injuries.
(b) You are Raman/ Rajni, a staff reporter of a national daily. You have been asked to visit the flooded areas of Guwahati and write a brief report to be published in the newspaper. Write the report in about 125 words.
Assam hit by worst floods in twelve years
Guwahati, 18th July 20XX: Assam is reeling under the worst ever floods in the last twelve years. In the first wave alone from April to June, 126 people have died and over 700 animals drowned. According to state disaster management 5 lakh people have been affected and 500 villages are still flooded. The flood has destroyed the infrastructure which includes massive destruction to as many as seven national highways. Roads have been damaged, bridges have been washed away, school buildings have been collapsed, and train connectivity to the area has been damaged by landslides. State government has launched exhausting rescue operation. They deployed boats and other rescue equipment’s at different locations. Realizing the gravity of the situation the task force equipped with boats, life jacket, medical aid and relief materials including food and water reached the flooded villages. The people facing imminent danger were immediately evacuated. Helicopters were also used for dropping relief materials in areas cut off by the flood. National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) is monitoring the relief and rescue operations.
       by Raman, a Staff Reporter

2. Reports for School Magazine
Delhi Public School, Shantipur, Delhi recently organized a course i

n First Aid for students of senior classes. Rajni of Class XII writes a report on the programme giving necessary details for the school magazine. Write the report in 125-150 words.

    A Report on a Course in First Aid
                                                                                                               – By Rajni, Class XII
A course in the first aid was organized in Delhi Public School by Red Cross Society of Delhi on 15th & 16th Dec. 20XX in school auditorium at 10.00 a.m. It was a fine programme on the preliminary requirements of the first aid. Two doctors delivered lectures as well as demonstrated to adopt precautionary measures during the time of emergencies in accidental, fir and earthquake cases. They taught the binding of bandages and the use of certain life-saving drugs in the most fatal cases. The course was attended by more than 70 students of XII that enabled them to learn and apply first aid in urgent cases. A small leaflet of 5 pages was also issued by the society for more information. The Principal thanked all and praised their servicing attitude.
Q5. Write a report for your school magazine describing about a four day seminar and workshop for PGTs held recently in your school. 
Workshop for Teachers
      by Ajay Kumar
A four-day seminar and workshop was held at Sarvodaya Vidyalaya, Moti Nagar, New Delhi. More than 100 PGTs teaching class XI and XII attended the seminar. The session commenced with the welcome address by M.N.Sharma from D.P.S. Raj Nagar, New Delhi. His focus of attention was to guide the teachers to motivate the students to achieve academic excellence as well as their holistic development. School principal A. K. Awasthi gave introduction of all the guests present there. The unique feature of this seminar was the expert guidance in various fields like yoga, natural healing, spiritualism, career counselling and personality development. Experts of different subjects also conducted orientation programme for the teachers so that they can upgrade their methodology of teaching. A total of 60 teachers from schools across Delhi, Gurgaon, Jagdishpur, Jaipur, Lucknow, Bhopal and Chandigarh were oriented with ways to incorporate new technological and educational methodologies in their teaching. Making integrated and detailed lesson plans online, keeping in mind Bloom’s taxonomy, was the theme of the Programme. Main script, inquisitive questions, values content, day-to-day relevance, interesting asides, suggested activity, questions to assess, etc.; were some of the pedagogical attributes discussed during the programme.
3. Speech for School Assembly
Last week you attended a seminar on the importance of blood donation organized by Red Cross Society, New Delhi. Write a report to be read in the morning assembly.
Honourable Principal, teachers and dear friends
Good Morning to you all
I happened to attend a seminar on the importance of blood donation that was organized by Red Cross Society, New Delhi. Near about 90 students from different schools and 50 doctors from different hospitals of Delhi attended the seminar. The Union Health Minister pointed out the importance of blood for our life. He revealed that a single drop of blood can save the precious life of a dying man. He stated that by donating blood they are not inviting any ailment or deficiency of any kind in the body. It is the mental or psychological whim that a donor possesses in his or her mind about some weakness. A healthy man can donate blood after every six months and he will remain in a perfect trim. Other eminent doctors too stated that they should save and protect their blood and utilize it at the proper time. The seminar concluded that the masses should be educated to donate blood.
Thank you
4. Factual Description
Today a lady, an acquaintance of your mother, came to visit your house. Your mother was not at home at that time. When she comes back you describe the lady to her in such a way that she can recall and recognize her. Write the description.
Factual description of a visitor
Mother, today a lady came to our house at around 11 O’clock. I was alone in the house at that time. When I opened the door I saw that a tall fair woman dressed in an elegant salwar Kameez was standing at the door. She handed me her card told me that she had met you in Bangalore during a conference. She told her name as Vandana. She was carrying a brown leather handbag and had long black hair which she had left open. Her hair was particularly noticeable. She said that you might not be remembering her so the card would help you in recognizing her. She also showed me the visiting card which you had given to her in Banglore. She told me that she located the house with the help of the map drawn on the backside of the card.

5. Instructions & Directions
You are going to the hostel next week. Your mother writes a set of instructions and directions and gives it to you. It includes dos and don’ts and directions about managing your routine. Write her instructions.
Instructions & Directions
Once you will be on your own you will realize that independence is very sweet but requires lot of responsibility. You have already learnt how to sew a button on your shirt. You should know how to make a cup of tea. Knowing how to fix a fuse is also important. You should be able to handle emergencies like sickness or being hurt. Always contact the authorities in that case.
You should wind your alarm clock at night so that you can wake up in time. Be quick in getting ready but do not neglect personal hygiene. There will be no Mom to remind you. Your good health is important for you to study hard, so eat well. The mess food may not be like home’s. But it is more wholesome and hygienic than food outside. So do not eat cheap spicy food in the outside eating places. You must make friend with other boys in the hostel. Being in good company will not make you homesick. I know you can handle all this well. So my good wishes are with you.
6. Process –Writing
You are staying at a boarding school. You want to open a Savings Bank Account. Write how to open a Savings Bank Account in not more than 125-150 words.
Opening a Savings Bank Account
The process of Opening a Savings Bank Account is very simple. Go to bank and ask the clerk on duty at the Saving Account counter to give you a prescribed printed form for opening an account. You must take with you and your identity card. You are required to enter your name and address in it. You can give the name of nominee. You have to put your signature at two or three places on it. This is termed as your specimen signature. Each applicant is required to sign a declaration to the effect that he or she has read and accepted the rules for the conduct of Savings Bank Deposit Account. After you have opened an account, you are given a bank Pass Book with your name, home address and account number written on it. You can withdraw the amount required by filling in the withdrawal form.

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