Class XI – ASL – Speaking Skills

Assessment of Speaking Skills

Stage 1: Introduction (1 minute)

Section Time

10 Seconds

25 Seconds

25 Seconds


Examiner: Hello, please sit down. My name is X.
What’s your name? (to Candidate A)
And what’s your name? (to Candidate B)
So your names are (name and serial number A) and (name and serial number B).
Examiner asks a question. ( to Candidate A)

Candidate A responds.
Examiner asks a question. ( to Candidate B) Candidate B responds.

Introductory Questions (One Minute)

Topic area                 Questions

Place:  Which part of city / town do you belong to? What do you think of it?
School: What would you miss about school when you pass out of here?
Hobbies: What is your hobby? Why did you choose this?
Study: What motivates you to study?
Weekend: Do you think weekends are the best leisure time? Why? /Why not?
Holiday: How do you plan your holidays?
TV: What kind of TV programmes do you watch? Why?

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Stage 2: Topic Presentation (4 minutes)

Section Time

5 Seconds

1 Minute

15 Seconds

40 Seconds

5 Seconds

1 Minute

15 Seconds

40 Seconds


Examiner (to Candidate A): Now you are going to tell us about your topic. When you have finished, Candidate B will ask you a question and then I will ask you some more questions. Would you like to begin please?

Candidate A speaks

Examiner: Thank you. (Candidate B) can you ask (Candidate A) a question please? Candidate B asks question; Candidate A responds.

Examiner asks 2 or 3 follow-up questions as appropriate from the topic follow-up list.
Candidate A responds.

Examiner: Thank you. Now (Candidate B), you are going to tell us about your topic. When you have finished, (Candidate A) will ask you a question and then I will ask you some more questions. Would you like to begin please?

Candidate B speaks

Examiner: Thank you. (Candidate B) can you ask (Candidate A) a question please?

Examiner asks 2 or 3 follow-up questions as appropriate from the topic follow up list.
Candidate B responds.

ASL – Topics for Speaking Skill Test

1. Most memorable moment of my life     

2. My reading habits

3. Population Explosion    

4. Co-education

5. The trip I enjoyed most   

6. Real learning through experience

7. My favourite T.V. programme    

8. What I did during last vacation

9. Foreign channels are a threat to our culture 

10. A bitter experience of my life

11. My favourite player       

12. Should smoking be banned?

13. Advantages of Vegetarianism

14. Effects of Video games on children

15. Haste makes waste      

16. Pros and cons of co-education

17. Mobiles: a boon or bane         

18. Junk food

19. How social net-works are good/ bad?           

20. Education for girls

21. If I were the principal of my school.   

22. A funny experience of my life

23. If I were a doctor.          

24. An educational trip

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25. Drug-addiction  

26. Pollution

27. Corruption in India

28. My ambition in life

29. Cinema and its effects

30. An accident I saw on road.

31. A horrible dream           

32. Unemployment

33. Annual function of my school

34. Political corruption

35. Morning walk    

36. Rash driving

37. Global warming

38. Communalism

39. If I won a lottery 

40. Work is worship

41. Punctuality        

42. Noise pollution

43. Caste-system in India  

44. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing

45. My school library          

46. Better alone than in a bad company

47. Sports day of my school          

48. Dowry system in India

49. The value of good manners   

50. Village life

51. Superstitions     

52. Advantages of a small family

53. Life in a hostel  

54. A blood donation camp

55. My best friend   

56. Natural disasters

57. Life in a big city

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58. My favourite Indian leader

59. There is a will, there is a way 

60. Problem of rising prices

61. Festivals of India          

62. Terrorism

63. National Integration     

64. A railway accident I witnessed

65. Communal harmony    

66. A visit to a hill station

67. A day in a curfew-bound town           

68. My childhood days

69. Computer and its uses

70. Unwanted guests

71. Future of democracy in India 

72. Beggars near historical places

73. A day when everything went wrong 

75. The role media in society

76. Religion and politics    

77. India of my dreams

78. Family-planning           

79. Rural upliftment

Stage 3: Problem solving (3 minutes)

Section Time

25 Seconds

2 Minutes

30 Seconds

1 Minute


Examiner: Thank you. Now let’s go to the next task. I’m going to give you a card which has information about a problem.

Both the candidates choose same problem task. They read the problem task in the card (20 seconds).

Then the examiner ask them to start speaking.

Candidates discuss the problem and a solution.

Examiner: OK, can you stop now please. Option A (for candidates who have reached a solution): Thank you. Option B (for candidates who have not reached a solution): Can you agree on a solution? What is it?

Ask a question. (Candidates ask each other a Question from the problem task they discussed.)

Please stop there. That’s the end of the test.

Thank you and goodbye.


Prompt – 1: One of your close friends performed poorly in the exam. As a result his mother does not grant him permission to go on a school trip. With your partner, discuss how you would advise your friend to convince his mother and gain permission to go on the trip.

Prompt – 2: Some school children use the community park instead of the school playground to play cricket and football. This makes it impossible f

or toddlers and the elderly to use the swings and the walking track. With your partner, discuss how you would persuade these children to shift their sporting activities to the playground.

Prompt – 3: You find that your friend copies your assignments, activities and project ideas and submits them to the teacher as his/her own contribution. With your partner, discuss this problem and what you should do in this situation.

Prompt – 4: The Canteen Manager has complained to your Class Teacher about the undisciplined behaviour of some of your classmates. Your class teacher has asked you, as Class Monitors, to think of suitable measures to solve the problem. With your partner, discuss what your suggestions.

Prompt – 5: A student of your school recently met with an accident while riding a motorbike. Many students of your school who are actually minors ride two wheelers without wearing a helmet. With your partner, discuss this problem and what you can do to encourage them to follow road safety rules.

Prompt – 6: Most of the students in your class spend a lot of time indoors playing with gadgets. They don’t want to play outdoor games. With your partner, discuss what should be done to encourage students to play outdoor games and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Prompt – 7: Your school plans a celebration on Children’s Day and wants students to participate by displaying craft material and other decorative pieces made by them. No one has volunteered so far. With your partner, discuss how you can persuade other students to join in.

Prompt – 8: One of your classmates often uses unfair means during class tests. With your partner, discuss this problem and what can be done.

Prompt – 9: Your friend has been using his father’s two-wheeler without his permission. He is only 15 and has just offered to take you for a joyride too. With your partner, discuss how you can talk your friend out of this unsafe habit.

Prompt – 10: A builder is trying to convert a park in your area into a shopping complex. It is the only open space in the area where children play. With your partner, discuss how you would mobilise support to stop the construction.

Prompt- 11: Your friend has fallen into bad company. He is spending more and more time with his new friends and drifting away from studies. With your partner, discuss the problem and decide how you could help your friend.

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    • Wat u shud do? Let them do wat they wish bro! And if u are fixed that you should change this just gonkick their asses.

    • firstly, i would approach those students personally and explain them that what harm they are making to themselves and what advantage these practices are having with examples
      if then too they don’t understand then i will approach their parents and teacher and discuss this problem with them, and tell them if they continue these kind of practices then would damage their future
      if this too doesn’t work i will force them to take physical classes and and stop them to bunk classes, maybe the long term benefit draw them towards attending these classes.

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