Class XI – ASL- Listening Skills


Time: 60 Minutes                                                                         M.M: 20 Marks
Task – I (Transcript of Audio)
Banking around the clock is no longer a remote possibility. But the banks don’t have to keep their branches open 24 hours a day to provide this service. This is one of the bigger advantages of internet banking. Today, internet banking has become a popular method to manage one’s money and finances. When using internet banking accounts, more consumers now feel empowered to take control of their money. Internet banking or banking, by way of the internet, offers numerous advantages for banks and consumers.
Internet banking has many advantages. First of all, it is easy and fast to set-up an internet bank account. All that users have to do to create an online bank account is complete a short form, and then set the security features such as a password and user name. Finally, they just print and sign a form and send it into the bank. Secondly, there are fewer costs associated with internet banking because online banks do not have the overhead like traditional banks. Because there are fewer costs, internet banks pass the savings on to consumers such as reduced service charges and increased interest rates for savings accounts. They can even offer reduced lending rates for their loans. It is easy to reach many internet banks online allowing you to compare such features as interest rates, available credit cards and their interest rates, FDIC bank rating, and terms and interest rates of their loans. You can then pick the best internet bank that meets your needs.
You can track your internet banking and money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can track such things as deposits, clearing of cheques, and your account balance. It allows you to keep your account from going into the negative.
You can keep track of your financial records by using software programs such as Microsoft Money or Quicken. This will allow you to budget more efficiently and track your spending.
Along with bank internet security features, you have the ability to monitor your account any time which helps to detect any fraudulent activity. You will know immediately if someone has written a cheque or withdrew money from your account. You will then immediately be able to start resolving the problem before there is too much damage to your finances.
Traditional banking has always been slow. With online banking, you will no longer have to stand in long queues to obtain financial information about your account. As well, there is less paperwork and applying for loans is faster, easier, and more convenient. You can even transfer funds from one account to another in almost an instant and you can carry out such investment tasks as bond exchanges, stock trades and other investment activities.
Internet banking does offer many benefits for both banks and their customers. It has made many daily tasks much easier and more convenient. So, the banks are doing what they can to encourage customers to try it. The economic and convenience advantages have now made internet banking a popular choice for millions of consumers. Internet banking gives consumers more control over their internet banking and money. No matter your location, or the time of day, with internet banking, your money is only a few clicks away.

Listen Audio
Task – II (Transcript of Audio)
The famous grass courts of Wimbledon, the world’s pre-eminent tennis championship, give up their mysteries grudgingly, not least when it comes to players brought up on the slow clay courts of continental Europe. Finally unpicking their secrets and stopping the great Roger Federer a solitary match-victory short of surpassing a record he shares with Bjom Borg – five Wimbledon titles in a row – Rafael Nadal has crashed through a metaphorical wall to cement his status as one of the greatest champions of our times. That the Spaniard triumphed in a match of gladiatorial severity and nerve-j angling compulsion after four hours and forty-eight minutes – the longest Wimbledon men’s final in history – is a tribute to his resilience and never-say-die spirit.

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Task – III (Transcript of Audio)
Abhishek Singh conducted a survey on the topic ‘Teenagers and Their Pursuits’, this findings are shown in a table. Listen to the given table and point out whether teenagers are spending maximum time in physical activities or indoor activities.
Nature of Activity
Time Spent
Watching sports on T.V.
Watching movies in theatres
Playing badminton and cricket
Talking to friends on mobile
Task – IV (Transcript of Audio)
It was breakfast time. I was getting dressed. The doorbell rang. My landlady opened the door. She was talking to a man. Then she shouted to her husband, “It’s for you.” There was a pause. I heard the two men talking, exchanging angry words in a foreign language. Then somebody fired a shot. My landlady screamed. Scared, I ran downstairs. Mr. John, my landlady’s husband, was lying motionless on the floor. There was blood coming out of his chest.


Time: 60 Minutes                      &n

bsp;                                                        M.M: 20 Marks

Name of Student_______________  Class/Sec. XI ___  Roll NO. _____  Date ___________
1. Answer all the questions.
2. In this part you will listen to some short extracts. As you listen to each one, answer the question.
3. Before you begin to listen, read the questions quickly and get familiar with the questions.
A. Listen to your teacher/ audio titled “Internet Banking” and answer the following questions as directed. 1 x 5 = 5 marks
State whether the following statements are true or false:
1. For banking around the clock, the banks don’t have to keep their branches open for 24 hours.
2. Internet banking means empowerment for consumers.
3. The best feature of Internet banking is that one can keep a track of one’s transactions.
4. Internet banking is not much helpful in stock market investments since the programmes are very complicated.
5. Internet banking proving very convenient for consumers.
B. Complete the following sentences:  1 x 5 = 5 Marks
6. For managing one’s money and finances, ________________________________
__________________________ has emerged as one of the most popular methods.
7. One advantage of Internet Banking is___________________________________
8. The consumers can select the best Internet bank by_______________________
9. One can keep record of one’s money by software programmes like____________
10. Internet banking helps in keeping a check on fraudulent practice by __________
C. Listen to your teacher/ audio titled ‘Rafael Nadal-The tennis champion’ and answer the following question as directed. 1×4 = 4 marks
Complete the following sentences:
11. Name of a world famous Tennis Court _____________________________
12. A tennis player who won Wimbledon championship five times___________


13. Rafael Nadal belongs to the country________________________________
14. The exceptional feature of Rafael Nadal’s nature is his_________________
D. Listen to your teacher/ audio titled ‘Teenagers and Their Pursuits’ and answer the question as directed.     1 mark
15. (a) Physical activities _____________________________________________
(b) Indoor activities ___________________________________________________
E. Listen to your teacher/ audio about ‘A Murder Committed in a House’ where you were living as a tenant and answer the following question as directed:
Fill in the required Information   1×5 = 5 marks
16. The murder happened at ___________________________________________
17. The narrator was _________________________________________________
18. He heard two men ________________________________________________
19. Suddenly, somebody ______________________________________________
20. The landlady’s husband was lying ____________________________________
      With _____________________________________       coming out of his chest.


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