Grammar – The Subject and the Predicate

The Subject and the Predicate
Every complete sentence has two partsa subject and a predicate.
A Subjectis a word or a group of words that denotes the person or thing about whom or which something is said. The subject may be a noun or a pronoun or a noun- equivalent. It may consist of any number of words. For example:
(a) A little learningis a dangerous thing.
(b) Everybody’s business is nobody’s business.
(c) He did it in a very careless manner.
Note: The subject is often understood in imperative sentences. For example:
(a) Come at once.  = You come at once.
(b) Tell me your name.  = You tell me your name.
(c) Report in time.   = You report in time.
A Predicate is a word or a group of words that denotes what is said about the subject. It must have at least a finite verb, expressed or understood. For example:
(a) He walked with firm steps.
(b) India is a very large country.

(c) Rice is the principal food of the Bengalees.

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