Class XI – Sample Test Paper – 5

Sample Test Paper – 5 
English Core
Class – XI
Time: 90 Mts.                                                                                   MM: 40 Marks

General Instructions:
(1) All questions are compulsory.
(2) Separate instructions are given with each section and question, wherever necessary.
(3) Do not exceed the prescribed word limit while answering the questions.
1. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow. 8 marks
1. To make our life a meaningful one, we need to mind our thoughts, for our thoughts are the foundation, the inspiration, and the motivating power of our deeds. We create our entire world by the way we think. Thoughts are the causes and the conditions are the effects.
2. Our circumstances and conditions are not dictated by the world outside; it is the world inside us that creates the outside. Self-awareness comes from the mind, which means soul. Mind is the sum total of the states of consciousness grouped under thought, will and feeling. Besides self-consciousness we have the power to choose and think. Krishna says: “no man resteth a moment inactive”. Even when inactive on the bodily plane, we are all the time acting on the thought plane. Therefore if we observe ourselves, we can easily mould our thoughts. If our thoughts are pure and noble, naturally actions follow the same. If our thoughts are filled with jealousy, hatred and greed, our actions will be the same.
3. Karmically, however, thought or intent is more responsible and dynamic than an act. One may perform a charitable act, but if he does not think charitably and is doing the act just for the sake of gain and glory, it is his thoughts that will determine the result. Theosophy teaches us that every thought, no matter how fleeting, leaves a seed in the mind of the thinker. These small seeds together go to make up a large thought seed and determine one’s general character. Our thoughts affect the whole body. Each thought once generated and sent out becomes independent of the brain and mind and will live upon its own energy depending upon its intensity.
4. Trying to keep a thought from our mind can produce the very state we are trying to avoid. We can alter our environment to create the mood. When, for instance, we are depressed, if we sit by ourselves trying to think cheerful thoughts, we often do not succeed. But if we mix with people who are cheerful we can bring about a change in our mood and thoughts. Every thought we think, every act we perform, creates in us an impression, like everything else, is subject to cyclic law and becomes repetitive in our mind. So, we alone have the choice to create our thoughts and develop the kind of impressions that make our action more positive.
5. Let us choose the thought seeds of right ideas, noble and courageous aspirations that will be received by minds of the same nature. Right introspection will be required of us to determine what we really desire to effect. Everything in the universe is inter-related and inter-dependent, that we live in one another and by accepting the grand principle of universal brotherhood we shall be in a position to appreciate what a heavy responsibility is ever ours to think right. Let us reflect and send loving and helpful thoughts and lighten the load of the world’s suffering.
1.1   Choose the correct option to answer each question: 2
A. We create our entire world by the way:
(a) We live.
(b) We feel.
(c) We think.
(d) We like.
B. Theosophy teaches us that: 
(a) Every thought leaves a mark in the mind of the thinker.
(b) Every thought leaves a virus in the mind of the thinker.
(c) Every thought leaves a question in the mind of the thinker.
(d) Every thought leaves a seed in the mind of the thinker.
1.2 Answer the followin

g questions: 4

(a) How can we make our life meaningful? 1 mark  
(b) How do our thoughts affect the whole body? 1 marks
(c) How can we change our mood when we are depressed? 1 marks
(d) How can we bring about the desired effect? 1 marks
1.3 Find the words from the passage which mean the same as: 2
(a) Full of activity (Para 3)
(b) To look into one’s own thoughts and feelings (Para 5)
2.  Gemini International School, R.K. Puram, New Delhi is going to remain closed for ten days during autumn break. As the principal of the school, write a notice informing the students to submit their assignments to the subject teachers before the autumn break. Invent other details yourself.  4
You want to sell your car as you are going abroad. Draft a suitable advertisement to be published in the for sale column of a national daily giving necessary details.  4
4. The following passage has not been edited. There is one error in each line. Underline incorrect word and write the correction in the space provided.  1/2×6=3
Thomas Edison is an American Scientist.            (a)_________
He have made many inventions.                          (b)__________
Once he was worked on making an                     (c)___________
electric bulb. He would sure that                          (d)___________
his bulb is replace gas lights.                                (e)___________
He want to give the people a safe gift.                  (f)__________
5. Rearrange the following words in meaningful sentences:         1×4=4
(i)  the / had / crying / been / the / child / hours / two / last / for
(ii) fly / to escape / south / starvation / to / chill / and / they
(iii) have /attitude/an/have/to/optimistic/we/ life /should/our.
(iv) that/you/sure/am/I/end/win/the/in/will.  
6. Read the following extract and answer the questions that follow: 3 Marks
 Now she’s been dead nearly as many years
As that girl lived. And of this circumstance
There is nothing to say at all.
It’s silence silences.
(a) Who is “that girl” referred to in these lines?  1

(i) Poet’s cousin  
(ii) Poet’s mother
(iii) Poet’s grandmother
(iv) Poet’s aunt
(b) How old is the girl in the photograph?  1

(i) twelve 
(ii) ten  
(iii) sixteen 
(iv) eleven
(c) What has happened to the girl?  1

(i) has died long ago 
(ii) has gone on tour with her uncle
(iii) has scolded the poet 
(iv) has met an accident   
7. Answer any four of the following in about 30-40 words.   3×4=12 marks
(a) How did the grandmother celebrate the homecoming of her grandson?
(b) Who were Larry and Herb? What role did they play?
(c) What are the unique traits of Garoghalanian tribe?
(d) Why did the narrator of the story want to forget the address?
(e) Why did the poet’s mother laugh at the snapshot?
8. Answer any one of the following in about 80-100 words.   6 marks
(a) Describe the first encounter of Mr. Otis with the ghost. 
(b) What was the mystery attached to the blood-stain? 

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