Class XI – Grammar – Work Sheet – 1

Work Sheet – 1
English Core
Class XI
Q1. The following passage has not been edited. There is one error in each line. Underline incorrect word and write the correction in the space provided. 3 marks
If we don’t know the meanings of such words           
and phrases use in the text, it is not possible to        
comprehend fully what it was about. The reader     
needs not go to a dictionary every time he            
encounters an difficult or unfamiliar word. The       
reader should develop the ability for recognize          
the meaning of a words from the contextual clues.    
Example: some
Q2. Correct the following sentences: 4
a. One of them were present there.
b. He is taller than me.
c. Let’s go out for walk.
d. Where you are coming from?
Q3. Rearrange the following words in meaningful sentences: 3 marks
(i)  the/ alone/ the/ brave/ deserve/ fair.
(ii) you/ player/ than/ Ram/ I/ is/ a/ think/ better.
(iii) sky/ gray/ a/ spread/ the/ cloud/ over.
Q1. Answers:
(a) phrases use in = used
(b) it was about   =  is
(c) reader needs not  =  need
(d) encounters an difficult   =    a
(e) ability for recognize  =  to
(f)  a wordsfrom  =  word 
Q2. Answers:
a. One of them was present there.
b. He is taller than I.                                                                            
c. Let’s go out for a walk.
d. Where are you coming from?
Q3. Answers:
(i) The brave alone deserve the fair. 
(ii) I think Ram is a better player than you.
(iii) A gray cloud spread over the sky.

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