Class XI – Grammar – Work Sheet – 2

Work Sheet – 2
English Core
Class XI
Q1. The following passage has not been edited. There is one error in each line. Underline incorrect word and write the correction in the space provided. 3 marks
A hobby direct our surplus stores of energy                        
into useful channels. Beside giving us                                
entertainment, it shows us the path who leads                 
for systematic mental and moral development.                   
If the choice of a hobby prove to be wrong, we                   
will have to abandon him after some time. It will                  
result in the wasting of many time and money.                   
So we must be careful in selecting a hobby.
Example: directs
a. _______
Q2. Correct the following sentences: 4
a. The best of the boys have got a prize.
b. He is more stronger than his friend.
c. It is raining for a week.
d. Do you know who is he?
Q3. Rearrange the following words in meaningful sentences: 3 marks
(i)  hard/ there/ work/ to/ is/ alternative/ no.
(ii) doing/ what/ are/ you/ ought/ you/ know/ to.
(iii) You/ pass/ can’t/ unless/ the / you/ examination/ hard/ study.
Q1. Answers:
(a) channels. Beside giving  =   Besides
(b) path who leads  =  that
(c) leads for systematic  =   to
(d) hobby prove to  =  proves 
(e) abandon him after    =  it
(f) of many time  =  much  
Q2. Answers:

a. The best of the boys has got a prize.
b. He is stronger than his friend.
c. It has been raining for a week.
d. Do you know who he is?
Q3. Answers:
(i) There is no alternative to hard work.
(ii) You ought to know what you are doing.

(iii) You can’t pass the examination unless you study hard.

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