Class XI – Grammar – Work Sheet – 3

Work Sheet – 3
English Core
Class XI
Q1. The following passage has not been edited. There is one error in each line. Underline incorrect word and write the correction in the space provided. 3 marks
A most unusual thing about the weaver bird                    
is its long bottle shaped nest, seen hang in                     
groups from the branches of trees. He is the                   
male bird which build the nest, using strips of                  
grass and paddy-lead woven together. The nest             
had a long narrow passage, with a hollow at                   
one end for the eggs. It is suspended to the                    
end of a branch or the cluster of twigs, usually                
over waters.
Example: The
Q2. Correct the following sentences: 4 Marks
a. He was died of fever.
b. They know to swim.
c. The man is mortal.
d. My all relatives are well settled.
Q3. Rearrange the following words in meaningful sentences: 3 marks
(i)  over/ crisis/ are/ is/ the/ saying/ they/ that.
(ii) a/ millionaire/ behaves/ as/ he/ if/ were/ he.
(iii) where/ born/ when/ tell/ were/ me/ and/ you.
Q1. Answers:
(a) seen hang in  =  hanging
(b) trees. He is  =  It
(c) which build the  =  builds 
(d) nest had a  =  has
(e) suspended to the   =  from
(f) or the cluster  =  a 
Q2. Answers:
a. He died of fever.
b. They know how to swim. 
c. Man is mortal 
d. All my relatives are well settled.
Q3. Answers:
(i). They are saying that the crisis is over.
(ii). He behaves as if he were a millionaire.
(iii). Tell me when and where you were born.

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