Class XI – Grammar – Work Sheet – 5

Work Sheet – 5

English Core

Class XI

Q1. Rearrange the following words and phrases to form meaningful sentences.
(a) the/ of/ plight / Tanzanians / would / like/  know/the/you/about/to
(b) Africa/in/Tanzanians/literacy/rate/the/have/highest
(c) read/hardly/have/to/they/anything/but
(d) the/and/are/costs/soaring/paper/the/the/interest/reasons/rates/of
(e) have/they/standstill/the/to/a/brought/industry/publishing
Q2. Rearrange the following words and phrases to form meaningful sentences.

(a) of/animals/with/concerned/large/children’s books/proportion/is/a
(b) themes/timeless/such/this/because/are/is
(c) stories/a/all/been/have/animal/favourite/groups/with/age
(d) young/very/humanized/the/stories/animal/like
(e) child/prefer/stories/animal/but/life/to/true/older

Q3. Re-arrange the following words and phrases to form meaningful sentences:
(a) menace/ the greatest/ the threat/ become/ India/ for/ has/ population/of.
(b) a/ India/ every/ seconds/ new/ born/ four/ baby/ is/ in.
(c) continues,/ if/ the/ trend/ present/ visualize/ consequences/ we/ its/ can/ serious.
(d) buy/ land/ a/ piece/ middle income/ can’t/ even/ dream/ small/ of/ a/ to.
(e) sprung up/ slums/ therefore,/ have/ towns/ cities/ and/ around/ all/ the.

Q1. Answers:

(a) Would you like to know about the plight of the Tanzanians?
(b) Tanzanians have the highest literacy rate in Africa.
(c) But they hardly have anything to read.
(d) The reasons are the soaring costs of paper and the interest rates.
(e) They have brought the publishing industry to a standstill.

Q2. Answer:

(a) A large proportion of children’s books is concerned with animals.
(b) This is because such themes are timeless.
(c) Animal stories have been a favourite with all age groups.
(d) The young like very humanized animal stories.
(e) But older children prefer animal stories true to life.

Q3. Answers:

(a) The threat of population has become the greatest menace for India.
(b) Every four seconds a new baby is born in India.
(c) If the present trend continues, we can visualize its serious consequences.
(d) A middle income group can’t even dream to buy a small piece of land.
(e) Therefore, slums have sprung up around all the towns and cities.

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