Class XI – Grammar – Work Sheet – 6

Work Sheet – 6
English Core
Class XI
Q1. Re-arrange the following words and phrases to form meaningful sentences:
(a) happened/witness/to/I/differently abled/programme/a/of/persons/last week.
(b) expressed/through/body/gestures/and/movements/they/feelings/their.
(c) showed/talents//they/their/solo/in/and/singing/group.
(d) impressed/I/performance/deeply/was/by/their/touched/and/emotionally.
(e) superior/their/was/performance/to/those/abled/of/fully/people.
Q2. Underline the incorrect word:
A long number of old-age homes are coming up on and around our city. This trend point to a very disturbing issue. It is so sad to see that children brought in love and care are forgetting his duty towards their elders and sending him off to old-age homes! Why was the younger generation become so insensitive? Do parents raises their children with affection only to see that day? It is clear that we lack ethical and moral values.
Q3. Complete the following paragraph using the suitable form of the words given in the brackets:
_____1._____ (much)of the teenagers drive their bikes at break-neck speed even though they have no valid _____2._____ (drive) licence. Rash driving most often ____3._____ (result)in accidents. Sometimes the accidents prove fatal. The raw hands endanger not only ____4._____ (they) own precious lives but also the ___5._____ (life) of others. Sometimes the children _____6._____ (seat) two or three other children on their bikes and raise the fore-wheels of the bikes.
Q1. Answers:
(a) I happened to witness a programme of differently abled persons last week.
(b) They expressed their feelings through gestures and body movements.
(c) They showed their talents in solo and group singing.
(d) I was deeply impressed and emotionally touched by their performance.
(e) Their performance was superior to those of fully abled people.
Q2. Answers:
(a A long number = large
(b) up on and = in
(c) trend point to = points
(d)  brought inlove = with  
(e) forgetting his duty = their
(f) sending him off = them
(g) Why was the = is
(h) generation become so = becoming
(i) parents raises their = raise
(j) see that day? = this
Q3. Answers:
1. most
2. driving
3. results
4. their
5. lives

6. seat


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