GK- Important Facts about Universe

1. Biggest Planet Jupiter
2. Biggest/ Heaviest Natural Satellite Ganymede (Jupiter)
3. Fastest rotation in solar system Jupiter
4. Planet with maximum number of satellites Jupiter (67)
5. Blue Planet Earth
6. Densest Planet Earth
7. Green Planet Uranus
8. Brightest Planet Venus
9. Evening star Venus
10. Hottest Planet Venus
11. Morning star Venus
12. Nearest Planet to Earth Venus
13. Slowest rotation in solar system Venus
14. Earth’s twin Venus
15. Brightest Planet outside solar system Sirius (Dog star)
16. Closest star of solar system Proxima Centauri
17. Coldest Planet Neptune
18. Slowest revolution in solar system Neptune
19. Farthest Planet from sun Neptune
20. Smallest Planet Mercury
21. Fastest revolution in solar system Mercury
22. Nearest Planet to Sun Mercury
23. Red Planet Mars
24. Smallest Satellite Deimos (Mars)
25. Only satellite with an atmosphere like Earth Titan
26. Nearest star to the Earth Sun
27. Satellite closest to the parent planet Phobos (Mars)
28. Satellite farthest from the parent planet Sinope (Jupiter)


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