GK-Facts of Lakes in the World

Which Country is Known as land of thousand lakes?

Ans. Finland



Name of the Lake

1.      Deepest lake in the world Baikal (fresh water) in Russia
2.      Largest coastal lagoon in India Chilka lake in Orissa
3.      Largest fresh water lake Lake Superior, between Canada and the USA
4.      Largest fresh-water lake in India Kolleru lake in Andhra Pradesh
5.      Largest lake in India Sambhar lake in Rajasthan
6.      Largest lake in the world Caspean Sea, bounded by Iran, Russia, Kazhakistan,
Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan
7.      Lowest lake in the world Dead Sea between Israel and Jordan
8.      Saltiest lake in the world Dead Sea bounded by Israel, Jordan and West Bank
9.      Sriharikota island is located in Pulicat lake in Andhra Pradesh




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