CBSE Class-12 Physical Education Question Paper-2014


Series: OSR

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Code No. 75 

        Candidates must write the Code on the title page of the answer-book.


 Please check that this question paper contains 4 printed pages.

 Code number given on the right hand side of the question paper should be written on the title page of the answer-book by the candidate.

 Please check that this question paper contains 27 questions.

 Please write down the Serial Number of the question before attempting it.

 15 minutes time has been allotted to read this question paper. The question paper will be distributed at 10.15 a.m. From 10.15 a.m. to 10.30 a.m., the students will read the question paper only and will not write any answer on the answer-book during this period.



CBSE Question Paper – 2014


Time allowed: 3 hours                                                               Maximum Marks: 70


General Instructions:


(i) The question paper is divided into two parts, Part A and Part B.

(ii) All questions are compulsory.

(iii) Answers to questions carrying 1 mark should be in approximately 30 words.

(iv) Answers to questions carrying 2 marks should be in approximately 60 words.

(v) Answers to questions carrying 3 marks should be in approximately 90 words.

(vi) Answers to questions carrying 5 marks should be in approximately 150 – 200 words.




1. What do you understand by Recreation?  1

2. Explain the objectives for Intramurals.  1

3. Explain sport environment.  1

4. Define flat foot.  1

5. What is Swadhyaya in Yogic Niyamas?   1

6. What are vitamins?   1

7. Define acceleration runs.  1

8. What is Goal setting?  1

9. Explain any two factors affecting wellness.   2

10. Explain any two types of causative factors related to accidents in sports.   2

11. Mention any four points to show the importance of Yoga.   2

12. Explain any two methods for flexibility development.   2

13. Explain ethics in sports.   2

14. ‘‘Games and sports are the best means for attaining fitness.’’ Justify.   3

15. Elucidate the role of media for improvement of positive sports environment.  3

16. Explain any three techniques of meditation.  3

17. Explain any three principles of training in brief.  3

18. Suggest the formation of various committees for systematic and smooth conduct of sports day in your school.   5

19. Explain in detail about any five advantages of correct posture.   5

20. What is the role of various elements of diet on performance of an athlete?   5

21. What is endurance? Explain the various methods for its development.   5




Answer the question nos. 22 - 24 and 26 - 27 from any one game/sport of your choice only.


22. Write about any four tournaments of the game/sport of your choice.  2

23. Explain any six terminologies from the game/sport of your choice.  3

24. Explain any five latest rules from the game/sport of your choice.  5

25.  Explain Arjuna Award.  2

26. Write about achievements of any three important sports personalities from the game/sport of your choice.   3

27. Explain any five common soft tissue injuries in the game/sport of your choice.     5  



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