Class XII Physical Education Sample Question Paper-1

Sample Question Paper - 1

Physical Education

Class XII  

Time Allowed: 3 hours     Max. Mark: 70


General Instructions:


  • All questions are compulsory. 

  • Questions 1 to 11 carry 1 mark each. Answer in about 30 words. 

  • Questions 12 to 19 carry 3 marks each. Answer in about 100 words.

  • Questions 20 to 26 carry 5 marks each. Answer in about 200 words.


1. Define Planning.1

2. What do you mean by conservation of natural resources?1

3. Define Menarche.1

4. What is sports medicine?1

5. Name the tournament which is cost effective.1

6. Define Kyphosis?1

7. Why friction is necessary for movement.1

8. Define extrinsic motivation.1

9. What are the symptoms of anxiety?1

10. Mention any two advantages of weight training. 1

11. What is a projectile?                                                                   1

12. What is the impact of surfaces on sports performance?3

13. Why has adventure sports become popular these days?3

14. Is diet of a sportsman is balanced? Comment.3

15. How can you measure recovery phase of an individual?3

16. What are the changes we notice after exercise on cardio vascular system? 3

17. At what age is intrinsic motivation effective?3

18. Give two example of angular motion in sports.3

19. List down common postural deformities and explain any one spine deformity.3

20. Explain in brief about micro and macro nutrients in detail.         5

21. Discuss the effect of food supplement on children in positive and negative manner.5 

22. Why is the knowledge of fluid and meal intake, pre, during and post competition necessary for coach as well as athlete?5

23. What are the types of personality? Explain in detail the role of sports in personality development.5

24. Ageing process can be delayed through regular exercise? Comment.5

25. What is the role of Physical Activity in maintaining functional fitness of aged population?5

26. Write an essay on participation of women in sports in India. 5



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