Class XII Physical Education Sample Question Paper-2

Sample Question Paper - 2

Physical Education

Class XII  

Time Allowed: 3 hours     Max. Mark: 70


General Instructions:


  • All questions are compulsory. 

  • Questions 1 to 11 carry 1 mark each. Answer in about 30 words. 

  • Questions 12 to 19 carry 3 marks each. Answer in about 100 words.

  • Questions 20 to 26 carry 5 marks each. Answer in about 200 words.


1. Define Menopause.     1

2. How does camping create good leaders?      1

3. What are Non-renewable Resources?1

4. Define Bulemia Nervosa.      1

5. What are pace races?           1

6. Why is league tournament expensive as compared to knock out? Give one reason.  1

7. Give one example of parabola path in sports.      1

8. How can an athlete overcome anxiety before the match?                   1

9. Define personality.     1

10. Give one effect of weight training on muscular system.     1

11. What is bye?

12. What is the difference between kinetic and potential energy?    3

13. Briefly state about emotion focused coping strategies?        3

14. Why is knowledge of sports medicine essential for an athlete?3

15. Explain the concept of fartlek training.3

16. Explain in brief the motor fitness test.3

17. How do exercises affect the ageing process?3

18. What are the steps to measure gender differences in Physical and physiological parameters?3

19. What steps will you take for the management of soft tissue injury?3

20. Explain Sit and Reach Test in brief.    5

21. Elaborate on the physical and physiological benefits of exercise for children.5

22. What do you mean by intramurals? Mention the need of intramurals for school children. 5

23. Explain the physiological factors determining speed and strength.5

24. Briefly discuss the relationship between posture and personality.5

25. How can an athlete manage to overcome anxiety?5

26. What do you mean by coordinative abilities? Elaborate the types of coordinative abilities.5


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