Class XII Physical Education Sample Question Paper-3

Sample Question Paper​​ - 3

Physical Education

Class XII ​​ 

Time Allowed: 3 hours  ​​ ​​ ​​​​ Max. Mark: 70


General Instructions:


  • All questions are compulsory.​​ 

  • Questions 1 to 11 carry 1 mark each. Answer in about 30 words.​​ 

  • Questions 12 to 19 carry 3 marks each. Answer in about 100 words.

  • Questions 20 to 26 carry 5 marks each. Answer in about 200 words.


1.​​ Define​​ comminuted fracture?

2.​​ Define Menstrual​​ Dysfunction.

3.​​ Mention the qualities of a leader.

4.​​ What do you mean by​​ non-nutritive​​ components of diet?

5.​​ Give one reason why intramural activities are necessary.

6.​​ List down safety equipment required for river rafting.

7.​​ Give one example of angular motion in sports.

8.​​ What do you mean​​ by​​ body image?

9.​​ What is the purpose of back scratch test?

10.​​ What are the dimensions of personality?​​ Explain​​ any one.

11.​​ Define speed

12.​​ Discuss how individual can help in improvement of sports​​ environment. ​​ 3

13.​​ A good leader must have follower. Justify this statement3

14.​​ Define dieting and elaborate the pitfalls of dieting.3

15.​​ Explain the​​ causes​​ of​​ Lordosis and scoliosis3

16.​​ Mention the exercises to cure Knock knees and Round Shoulders.​​ ​​ 3

17.​​ Why​​ are parent​​ less interested in participation of their girl child in​​ sports?3

18.​​ Regular exercise improves the blood flow in the body. Comment.​​ ​​ 3

19.​​ Define strength and explain the types of strength.3

20.​​ What are the Safety Measures for rock climbing? 5

21.​​ What are the factors affecting the Motor Development of children 5

22.​​ What are Sociological and Psychological aspects of women​​ Athlete?​​ 5

23.​​ What are the physiological factors determining endurance?5

24.​​ Define projectile and explain the factors which affect the​​ projectile trajectory?5

25.​​ By doing regular exercise what are the changes you observe in​​ muscular system?​​ 5

26.​​ What are the reasons of low participation of women in sports in India?​​  5



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