Class XII Physical Education Sample Question Paper-5

Sample Question Paper - 5

Physical Education

Class XII  

Time Allowed: 3 hours     Max. Mark: 70


General Instructions:


  • All questions are compulsory. 

  • Questions 1 to 11 carry 1 mark each. Answer in about 30 words. 

  • Questions 12 to 19 carry 3 marks each. Answer in about 100 words.

  • Questions 20 to 26 carry 5 marks each. Answer in about 200 words.


1. What do you understand by term self-appraisal?     1

2. What are the types of trekking?   1

3. Define Abrasion.   1

4. What do you understand by bulimia nervosa?   1

5. What are consolation tournament?    1

6. Write any two draw backs of round robin tournament.     1

7. What is the role of friction in movement of body?    1

8. Why is there a need of psychologist in a sports now a days?     1

9. Define stress.     1

10. What do you mean by sports training?    1

11. What is Interval training method?   1

12. What is the role of warming up and cooling down? 3

13. Explain in brief the conservation of water.   3

14. Only dieting cannot make you fit. Comment.3

15. Discuss in detail the role of Physical activities as corrective measures.3

16. Elaborate on the meaning and concept of correct posture.3

17. Explain in detail each item of AAPHER youth fitness test.3

18. Elaborate the effects of ageing on nervous system.     3

19. Explain the meaning and types of flexibility in detail.3

20. Briefly explain the need of extramural competitions. 5

21. Explain the motor development during childhood.5

22. Name and explain the test for coordination and agility for senior citizens.5

23. Discuss in detail the ideology of women in India.5

24. Explain in detail the mechanical analysis of running.5

25. Discuss in detail the emotion focused strategies and problem focused strategies.5

26. What are the physiological changes due to ageing?5



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