Class-6 Math Chapter-1: Excercise 1.1 Solutions

Chapter 1: Knowing Your Numbers

Exercise 1.1

Q1. Fill in the blanks:

(a) 1 lakh = _______________ ten thousand
(b) 1 million = _______________ hundred thousand
(c) 1 crore = _______________ ten lakh
(d) 1 crore = _______________ million
(e) 1 million = _______________ lakh


(a) 10
(b) 10
(c) 10
(d) 10
(e) 10

Q2. Place commas correctly and write the numerals:

(a) Seventy-three lakh seventy-five thousand three hundred seven.
(b) Nine crore five lakh forty-one.
(c) Seven crore fifty-two lakh twenty-one thousand three hundred two.
(d) Fifty-eight million four hundred twenty-three thousand two hundred two.
(e) Twenty-three lakh thirty thousand ten.


(a) 73,75,307
(b) 9,05,00,041
(c) 7,52,21,302
(d) 58,423,202
(e) 23,30,010

Q3. Insert commas suitable and write the names according to Indian system of numeration:

(a) 87595762
(b) 8546283
(c) 99900046
(d) 98432701


(a) 8,75,95,762
Eight crore seventy-five lakh ninety-five thousand seven hundred sixty-two.

(b) 85,46,283
Eight-five lakh forty-six thousand two hundred eighty-three.

(c) 9,99,00,046
Nine crore ninety-nine lakh forty-six.

(d) 9,84,32,701
Nine crore eighty-four lakh thirty-two thousand seven hundred one.

Q4. Insert commas suitable and write the names according to International system of numeration:

(a) 78921092
(b) 7452283
(c) 99985102
(d) 48049831


(a) 78,921,092
Seventy-eight million nine hundred twenty-one thousand ninety-two

(b) 7,452,483
Seven million four hundred fifty-two thousand two hundred eighty-three

(c) 99,985,102
Ninety-nine million nine hundred eighty-five thousand one hundred two

(d) 48,049,831
Forty-eight million forty-nine thousand eight hundred thirty-one




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