Creak Vs Creek

Homophones are the words that sound the same, yet have different meanings. In this article we will see the difference between Creak and Creek and their correct usages.

Creak Vs Creek

Creak: (v) is a grating or squeaking sound; the sound made by a badly-oiled door when it opens; the sound made by damaged or worn out wooden boards of a floor.

For e.g.

  • She is a light sleeper;even the creak of the door disturbs his sleep.
  • The old floorboards may creak when you walk on them.

Creek: is a small stream (a small canal we see after a heavy rain); a long narrow body of water.

For e.g.

  • There is a creek flowing beside the cottage in the woods.
  • The children caught tadpoles in the creek.


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