Idioms and Phrases starting with Alphabet- B

Idioms and Phrases starting with Alphabet- B

Important Idioms and Phrases starting with Alphabet- B


S.No. Idioms/Phrases Meaning
1. Back stairs gossip Talk among servants/ unfair talks
2. Bad blood Enmity/ bitter relations
3. Bag and baggage With all belongings
4. Baker’s dozen Thirteen in number
5. Be born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth To be born in a rich family
6. Be in the driving seat Bearing all responsibilities
7. Bear the brunt of To bear the main part of something unpleasant
8. Beat about the bush To talk in a roundabout manner/ circumlocution
9. Beat black and blue Beating mercilessly
10. Beat hollow To defeat thoroughly and convincingly
11. Beck and call Ready to obey order instantly
12. Bed of roses Pleasant situation of comfort
13. Bed of thorns A situation of extreme difficulty
14. Beggar description A person with no resource
15. Bell the cat Taking first step at personal risk
16. Between the devil and the deep sea Between two difficult situations
17. Big gun An influential person
18. Bird of passage One who comes occasionally
19. Bird’s eye view Overview
20. Birds of feather People with the same idea, characteristics and interests


21. Bite the dust To be defeated
22. Black sheep A person who is regarded as disgrace for his family/ team etc.
23. Blind alley A situation in which no further progress can be made
24. Blind date A meeting between a girl and a boy, who have not met before
25. Blow one’s own trumpet To praise oneself
26. Blue blood Royal or aristocratic descent
27. Blue book Government report
28. Body and soul Entirely
29. Bolt from the blue Unexpected problem
30. Bone of contention Subject of a dispute
31. Boon/blessing in disguise Hidden blessing
32. Bosom friend Fast friend
33. Break the ice To start a conversation
34. Breathe one’s last To pass away/ to die
35. Broad day light In day light (when crime cannot be hidden)
36. Broken reed A weak, unreliable person
37. Brown study A state of deep thought
38. Bull in the china shop One who is out of place in a delicate situation
39. Burn a hole in the pocket Money spent quickly
40. Burn one’s fingers To get oneself into trouble
41. Burn the candle at both ends To waste money
42. Burn the midnight oil Labouring/studying till late night
43. Burning question Hot issue
44. Bury the hatchet To end a hostility
45. By fits and starts Irregularly
46. By hook or by crook By any means, right or wrong
47. By leaps and bounds At a rapid pace
48. By the skin of one’s teeth/ by a whisker Narrowly/by a hair breadth


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