Idioms and Phrases starting with Alphabet- P

Idioms and Phrases starting with Alphabet- P

Important Idioms and Phrases starting with Alphabet- P

S.No. Idioms/Phrases Meaning
1. Palmy days Prosperous/ affluent days
2. Pandora’s box A source of extensive but unforeseen troubles
3. Part and parcel Inseparable part
4. Past master An expert
5. Pay the piper To bear the cost of something/some service rendered
6. Pay through his nose To pay dearly
7. Penny wise pound foolish Careful about trifles but wasteful in large ventures
8. Pick up the gauntlet To accept the challenge
9. Play ducks and drakes To waste money
10. Play second fiddle To be at a subordinate position
11. Play truant To be absent from duty without permission
12. Poison someone’s ears To speak against one to another
13. Poke one’s nose To Interfere
14. Pour oil on troubled waters To pacify the matters
15. Pros and cons For and against
16. Pull ones’ legs To make fun of or to tease
17. Pull the wool over somebody’s eyes To mislead
18. Put a spoke in one’s wheel To obstruct
19. Put in cold storage To keep a work pending
20. Put one’s foot down To act firmly
21. Put one’s shoulders to the wheel To work or exert oneself heavily
22. Put the cart before the horse To do things wrongly
23. Put the cat among pigeons To say/ do something that causes trouble or make many very angry

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