One Word Substitution: Killing

One Word Substitution: Killing

In this article specific words regarding the Murder are discussed.

S.No. Sentence Word
1. The murder of infant Infanticide
2. A woman who murder her husband Matricide
3. One who murder one’s mother Matricide
4. One who murders one’s father Patricide
5. The murder of king Regicide
6. One who kill oneself Suicide
7. A man who murder his wife Uxoricide
8. Killing of a human being Homicide
9. Killing of a race or community Genocide
10. Kill by suffocation(esp. by covering the face with something) Smother
11. Kill by putting pressure on the throat Strangle , Strangulate
12. Killing of animal for food Slaughter
13. Killing of an animal for offering it to the deity Sacrifice
14. Killing of One’s sister Sorocide
15. Killing of one’s brother Fratricide
16. Killing of large number of defenceless persons Massacre, Carnage
17. killing an unborn child Foeticide

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