Words about the Medical Profession

Words about the Medical Profession

In this article we are giving list of persons engaged in medical profession with the field of specialization.

S.No. Sentence Word
1. Doctor for heart diseases is a Cardiologist
2. Doctor of skin diseases is a Dermatologist
3. Doctor for female ailments is a Gynecologist
4. One who takes training as an apprentice in a hospital is an Intern
5. Doctor of internal organs is an Internist
6. Doctor for nervous disorders is a Neurologist
7. Doctor who helps in the delivery of babies is an Obstetrician
8. Doctor for eyes diseases is an Oculist
9. One who manufactures eye glasses is an Optician
10. One who prescribes spectacles is an Optometrist
11. One straightens crooked teeth is an Orthodontist
12. Doctor for correcting body deformities and bone is an Orthopedist
13. Doctor of children’s diseases is a Pediatrician
14. The doctor who specializes in the treatment of corns is a Podiatrist
15. Doctor for emotional disturbances is a Psychiatrist

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