Words Related to Personality of a Person

Words Related to Personality of a Person

In this article we are giving certain important words regarding the personality traits of men whom you may meet in your daily life. These words describe their different attitude and qualities.

S.No. Sentence Word
1. One who is interested in the welfare of others Altruist
2. One whose interests are both turned inward and outward Ambivert
3. One who lives a lonely and austere life Ascetic
4. One who is jovial and fond of festivities Convivialist
5. One who has great devotion for religious rites Devotee
6. One who is selfish Egoist
7. One whose thoughts are turned outward Extrovert
8. One who suffers from imaginary illness Hypochondriac
9. One whose thoughts are turned inward Introvert
10. One who has a passion for stealing Kleptomaniac
11. One who hates mankind Misanthrope
12. One who hates marriage Misogamist
13. One who hates women Misogynist
14. One who loves mankind Philanthropist
15. One who is constant doubter Sceptic

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