Class-6 Math Chapter-4: Excercise 4.1 NCERT Solutions

Chapter 4: Basic Geometrical Ideas

Exercise 4.1

Q1.​​ Use the figure to name:​​ 

(a) Five points​​ 

(b) A line​​ 

(c) Four rays​​ 

(d) Five line segments​​ 


(a) Five points are:​​ 

(b) A line:​​ 

(c) Four rays:​​ 

(d) Four line segments:


Q2.​​ Name the line given in all possible (twelve) ways, choosing only two letters at a time from the four given.

Ans. ​​ ​​ ​​​​ 


Q3.​​ Use the figure to name:​​ 

(a) Line containing point E.​​ 

(b) Line passing through A.​​ 

(c) Line on which O lies.​​ 

(d) Two pairs of intersecting lines.​​ 



Q4.​​ How many lines can pass through:​​ 

(a) one given point?​​ 

(b) two given points​​ 


(a) Infinite number of lines can pass through one given point.

(b) Only one line can pass through two given points.

Q5.​​ Draw a rough figure and label suitably in each of the following cases:








(a) True​​ 

(b) True​​ 

(c) True​​ 

(d) False​​ 

(e) False​​ 

(f) False​​ 

(g) True​​ 

(h) False​​ 

(i) False​​ 

(j) False​​ 

(k) True

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