Class-XII Physics:Atomic Structure

Thomson’s Atom Model According to Thomson, an atom is a sphere of positive charges of uniform density of about 10-10 m diameter in which negative charges i.e. electrons are embedded like plums in the pudding. Thomson’s model could not explain the presence of discrete spectral lines emitted by hydrogen and other atoms. Hence efforts were … Read moreClass-XII Physics:Atomic Structure

Physics:X-rays & Moseley's law

In 1895, Wilhelm Konard Roentgen discovered X-rays while working with a discharge tube. X means unknown. X-rays are electromagnetic radiation of very short wavelength and high energy which are emitted when fast moving electrons or cathode rays strike a target of high atomic mass. Production of X-rays Coolidge X-ray tube : Coolidge X-ray tube used … Read morePhysics:X-rays & Moseley's law

Class-XII Physics:Communication System

COMMUNICATION SYSTEM The setup used for exchanging information between a sender and receiver is called communication system. Information is specified as a measurable quantity in the technical description and the analytical treatment of the communication system. A message can be a sequence of distinct symbols or letters single time varying quantity i.e. speech,music,etc. many function … Read moreClass-XII Physics:Communication System

Scalars & Vectors

Scalars Quantities: Scalars are the physical quantities that have magnitude only.Temperature, speed, mass, and volume are examples of scalars. Vectors Quantities: Vectors are the physical quantities that have magnitude and direction.Position, displacement, velocity, acceleration and force are examples of vector quantities. Representation of a vector: A vector can be represented by a straight line with … Read moreScalars & Vectors

Class-XII Physics:Alternating Current

Alternating current:An electric current whose magnitude varies continuously with time and changes its direction periodically, is called an alternating current. Alternating voltage:The voltage whose magnitude varies continuously with time and changes its direction periodically, is called an alternating voltage. Impedance: It is the measure of the opposition that a circuit offers to a current when … Read moreClass-XII Physics:Alternating Current

Class-XII Physics:Electromagnetic Induction

Electromagnetic Induction Electromagnetic induction is the phenomenon of production of electric field with the help of varying magnetic field. Magnetic Flux and Magnetic Flux Density Magnetic flux (φ) through any surface is defined as the number of magnetic lines of force crossing through that surface. the magnetic flux (φ) through the surface is defined as … Read moreClass-XII Physics:Electromagnetic Induction

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