Poster Writing

Advanced Writing Skills Posters Posters are generally made to spread a social message or to create awareness among the general public about some event of common interest. They are part notices and part advertisements. Like notices they have no fixed style or format and are artistic and eye catching like advertisements. They do not follow strict grammatical … Read morePoster Writing

Notice Writing

Advanced Writing Skills Notices A notice is a written or a printed information or news announcement. Notices are either displayed at prominent places or published in newspapers/magazines. It is meant only for a select group. Since a notice contains a formal announcement or information, its tone and style are formal and factual. Its language should … Read moreNotice Writing


Advanced Writing Skills Advertisements Advertisements are public notices which are published in newspapers and magazines, aired on radio or television, displayed on billboards, etc. The purpose of advertisements is to attract the attention of the readers/ on-lookers and publicize some product or some service available with somebody. It is a very good and effective tool … Read moreAdvertisements

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