CBSE Physics

Class-XI & XII Physics

S.No. Chapter Name
1. Units, Dimensions and Errors

Scalars & Vectors

2. Motion in a Straight Line
3. Motion in a Plane
4. Forces and Laws of Motion
5. Work, Energy and Power
6. Centre of Mass and the Law of Conservation of Momentum
7. Rotational Mechanics
8. Simple Harmonic Motion and Elasticity
9. Fluid Mechanics
10. Gravitation
11. Waves on a String
12. Sound Waves
13. Kinetic Theory of Gases and Thermodynamics
14. Heat Transfer
15. Calorimetry and Thermal Expansion
16. Geometrical Optics
17. Wave Optics
18. Electric Charges

Coulomb’s law

Electric Field and its physical significance

Electric field intensity due to a point charge/group of charges

Electric Lines of Force

Electric dipole and its physical significance

Potential Energy of Dipole in a Uniform Electric Field

Electric Field Intensity on the axial and equatorial line of an electric dipole

Electric Dipole in a uniform electric field

19. Electric Potential and Capacitance
20. Current Electricity
21. Moving Charges and Magnetism
22. Electromagnetic Induction
23. Alternating Current

Transient Current

24. Quantum Physics and Millikan’s Experiment

Photoelectric effect

25. Nuclear Physics

Nuclear Reactions


X-rays & Moseley’s law

26. Rectifier,LED,Photodiode,Solar Cell & Zener diode


27. Communication System
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