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Business and Official Letters
Business letters are written to industrial enterprises, commercial organizations, shop-keepers, professional persons, newspaper editors, and so on. These letters are usually typed. They should be written very carefully to avoid mistakes, especially in figures and spellings. Because such a mistake is bound to cause problems later on.
Official letters are written to government or semi-government offices, various public bodies, and so on. These letters concern private persons and official matters. These also include letters from one official to another in official capacity. Petitions, Job applications, etc. also fall under this category.
They are, ordinarily, not much different from the general letters. The general rules and formalities, which are observed in the day to day correspondence, are equally applicable to the field of business and official letters. Only minor modifications are needed. The only difference is that certain commercial and technical terms and expressions are used in the business and the official letters.
Parts of Business and Official letters
1. Sender’s Address
2. Date
3. Receiver’s Address
4. Reference if any
5. Subject
6. Salutation
7. Body of the letter
8. Complementary close
9. Signature
10. Enclosures if any
Left aligned:Start each new line from left hand margin.
For Officials
Sir / Madam
For Editors
Sir / Madam
For Principal/ Teacher
Sir / Madam
For Business Managers     
Dear Sir/Madam / Dear Mr. …./ Mrs….
Complementary close
For Officials
Yours faithfully
For Editors
Yours faithfully
For Principal/ Teacher
Yours Obediently
For Business Managers     
Yours faithfully
A letter to the Principal
Q1. Rakesh Goswami, a student of class XII of Goenka Public School, Sec-8, R.K.Puram, New Delhi has been invited by Modern Era Public School, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi to participate in the national level Quiz Contest. But his exams are falling during the same period of time. He writes a letter to the principal seeking permission to participate in the quiz as well as requesting him to take his half yearly exams later.

The Principal
Goenka Public School
Sec-8, R.K. Puram
New Delhi
Subject:   Seeking permission to participate in the national level Quiz Contest at Modern Era Public School, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi.
I would like to bring to your kind notice that a National Level Quiz Contest is being organized from 10th Dec. to 17th Dec. at Modern Era Public School, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi. Being the West Zone Champion, I have been invited to participate in this quiz contest but my half yearly exams are falling during the same period of time. Sir, as you know that I have won many state level prizes and defeated a number of schools in various inter-school quiz competitions held earlier. So I don’t want to miss this opportunity. At the same time I don’t want to miss my exams also which I consider very important my academic assessment.
I, therefore, request you kindly to accord your permission to participate in the ensuing contest and appear for the half yearly exams later when I come back. I assure you that I will make you feel proud and try my best to emerge as the National Champion.

Yours obediently
Rakesh Goswami
Class XID
A letter to the Editor
Q2. Write a letter to the editor of a Local Daily expressing your concern at poor sports culture of the country. You are Harpreet Singh of 347/46D, Gulmohar Road, New Delhi.
347/46D, Gulmohar Road 
New Delhi                                                                                                               
10th Jan. 20XX
The Editor
The Times of India
New Delhi
Subject: Poor Sports Culture in our country.
Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I would like to express my concern at the poor sports culture of our country.
It is a matter of great concern that India with its teeming population in crores is unable to produce sportspersons who can win laurels for the country at international strata. There are many factors that are responsible for this sorry state of affairs. Parents and teachers lay more stress on the academic excellence and do not encourage children to devote much time on sports. There are hardly any sports camps. It is quite probable that talent goes unnoticed and untouched. Only limited funds are allocated for sports. As a result, there is scarcity of sports equipments, well-maintained grounds and well-trained coaches. All kinds of favourism at the time of selection can also prove to be harmful. Effective steps should be taken to promote a better sports culture. Children should be encouraged to take part in sports from the early stages of life. Sports camps should be organized to identify and tap the talent within the youngsters. More funds should be allocated to provide better sports facilities. I do hope my words would have desired effects on the concerned authorities.
Yours faithfully
Harpreet Singh

Q. You are Praveen/Prerna of A-15, Defence Enclave, Rajat Nagar, New Delhi. You have observed that many school-going children drive their bikes without a valid driving licence, thereby endangering their own lives as well as those of others. Write a letter to the editor of a national daily with a view to sensitizing students about the risks involved in underage driving. Also give suggestions.
A-15, Defence Enclave
Rajat Nagar, New Delhi
25thAugust, 20XX
The Editor
The Times of India
New Delhi
Subject: Rash driving by school- going children
Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I wish to draw the attention of the school-going children about the risks involved in underage driving. I shall feel obliged if you publish the following few lines in your national daily.
Most of the teenagers drive their bikes at break-neck speed even though they have no valid driving licence. Rash driving most often results in accidents. Sometimes the accidents prove fatal. The raw hands endanger not only their own precious lives but also the lives of others.Sometimes the children seat two or three other children on their bikes and raise the fore-wheels of the bikes.
I hope my words will sensitise the students about the impending risks and they would mend their ways. Parents are also requested to put a check on the minors from driving bikes.
Yours truly

A letter of Complaint

Q3. Mrs. Rashmi  Khare of 33-D, K.D. Nagar, Faridabad had purchased an automatic washing machine three weeks ago from a shopping centre in New Delhi. After installation it worked well for two weeks. But suddenly the spin dry system of the machine has stopped functioning properly and the clothes are dripping wet even after the spin dry function is complete. She writes a letter to the Manager of Home Shopping centre, Agrasen Market, New Delhi complaining about the same and requesting him to send his technician to set it right or replace it immediately.
33-D, K.D.Nagar
11th Jan. 20XX
The Manager
Home Shopping centre
Agrasen Market
New Delhi
Subject: Complaint about the defective automatic washing machine.
This is to inform you that I purchased an automatic washing machine from your shopping centre on 22nd Dec. 20XX (vide cash memo no. 512). But I am sorry to say that after installation it worked well only for two weeks. Suddenly it has developed some technical fault in the spin dry system and stopped functioning properly. The clothes are dripping wet even after the spin dry function is complete. I have tried to read the attached booklet and find out what could be wrong but have not been able to understand anything.
I may remind you that the machine is still under warranty period. You are, therefore, requested to send your engineer to set it right or replace it immediately so that we can avoid any kind of inconvenience. My mobile no. is given below. Kindly inform before sending the other piece.
Yours faithfully
Rashmi Khare
Mob. No. 97546036XX
A letter of Enquiry
Q4. Shefali Kakori of 19, Vikram Colony, Preet Vihar, New Delhi has passed XII and wants to improve her spoken English. She sees an advertisement about a certificate course in Spoken English to be organized by The School of English Language, 116-FD, Pausa Road, New Delhi and writes a letter to the Director of the school enquiring the necessary details about the course.

19, Vikram Colony  
Preet  Vihar 
New Delhi
11th Jan. 20XX
The Director
The School of English Language
116-FD, Pausa Road
New Delhi
Reference: Your advertisement in The Times of India of dated 09.01.20XX for the Certificate Course in Spoken English.
Subject: Seeking information about the Certificate course in Spoken English.
Through your advertisement in The Times of India I have come to know that your institute offers a certificate course in Spoken English after Class XII. You will be glad to know that I am interested in learning Spoken English but before I enroll myself for the course I would like to have the following information in a detail:
1. Duration of the course
2. Timings and fees
3. Number of students in a group
4. Methods adopted for teaching the language
5. Transport facility
6. If recognized by any board
Kindly let me know these details at the earliest so that I can decide likewise.
Yours faithfully
Shefali Kakori
Job Application
Q5. Manish Batra, 10/A, Defence Enclave, New Delhi sees an advertisement for the post of Medical Representative in The Career Times and decides to apply for the job. Write the application along with a detailed resume.
10/A, Defence Enclave
New Delhi
12th Jan. 201X
The General Manager
K.D. Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.
Phase II, Shakti Nagat
Reference: Your advertisement in The Career Times, dated 10.01.20XX for the post of Medical Representative.
Subject: Application for the post of a Medical Representative.
In response to your advertisement in The Career Times on 10.01.20XX, I wish to offer my candidature for the post of a Medical Representative in your company and append below my resume for considering my suitability for the post.
I hope that my educational qualifications and previous experience are most ideally suited to your requirement. If I am given an opportunity, I assure you that I will discharge my duties honestly and try my utmost best to satisfy my superiors with my work and conduct. I am available for an interview as and when you deem fit.
Yours faithfully
Manish Batra
Encls:  Bio-data
1. Name                                    
2. Father’s name 
3. Date of birth
4. Sex                                        
5. Marital status                      
6. Nationality                            
7. Language known                
8. Hobbies                                
9. Edu. Qualification
11. Permanent address  
12. Salary expected       
12. Contact no.
Manish Batra
Sh. Vijay Kumar Batra
25th March, 19XX.
Hindi, English, Punjabi and German
Singing and Playing Chess
B.Sc (Hons.) from D.U. with 67% Marks
One year as a Med. Representative in Cipla. 
10/A, Defence Enclave, New Delhi
Rs. 40000 p.m.
(a) Dr. A.C. Gupta, 65/D, Prajapati Colony,
Vivek Vihar, Delhi.
(b) Mr. N.C. Rai, 23-A, Niranjanpuri, Delhi.
Placing Orders
Q6. Ashoka Hotels, 11/C Moti Bagh, New Delhi are expanding their network in many places of tourist interest. They need LCD TVs, intercoms, fax machines, telephone instruments, etc. for their newly constructed hotel at Aligarh. Their Managing Director, Manish Arora places an order for the above mentioned items with Prime Electronics, Chandani Chowk, Delhi.
Ashoka Hotels
11/C, Moti Bagh 
New Delhi 
10th Jan. 20XX
M/s Prime Electronics
Chandani Chowk
Reference: Telephonic conversation with your representative on 02.01.20XX regarding supply of electronic items.

Subject: Placing order for the purchase of Electronic items.
This is to inform you that we have decided to place an order with you for the electronic items, the list of which has been given below. Kindly make it convenient to send the items at the earliest to our newly constructed hotel at Aligarh.
Name of Items
LCD TVs                                
Samsung 32 FTA
Tata IC 251
Fax Machines
HP F2023
Telephone instruments          
Beetle T501
I am sure proper packing of the electronic items will be well taken care of and any responsibility of damage caused during transportation shall rest with you. I hope future repairs and maintenance of the items will also be provided by you promptly and satisfactorily.
Kindly execute the order at the earliest. Payment shall be made after the acceptance of the consignment to satisfaction.
Yours faithfully
Manish Arora
Managing Director
Q7. Ashoka  Hotels, 11/C Moti Bagh, New Delhi  had ordered for the electronic equipments on 10.01.201X for the newly constructed hotel at Aligarh but wants to cancel it because the delivery has not been made in time. Write a letter of cancellation to M/s Prime Electronics, Chandani Chowk, Delhi.
Ashoka Hotels
11/C, Moti Bagh 
New Delhi 
10th Feb. 201X
M/s Prime Electronics 
Chandani Chowk 
Reference:  Purchase order No. 264, dated 10.01.20XX.

Subject: Cancellation of the order for the purchase of electronic equipments.
This is to inform you that an order had been placed with you on 10.01.201X for the electronic equipments for the newly constructed hotel at Aligarh after having a telephonic talk with your representative but I am sorry to say that the response of your sales people has been very poor in supplying the electronic equipments in time. Kindly take note that the order no. 264 stands cancelled because of the delay and no explanation given by you, whatsoever, for the delay.
Yours faithfully
Manish Arora
Managing Director

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