Class XI – Assignment

Home Assignment for Autumn Break, 2015
English Core
Class XI

Q1. (a) Read at least two short reports in any English newspaper. Cut and paste them on your note-book. On the basis of your reading of these reports, make notes on them in points only, using headings and sub-headings. Use recognizable abbreviations wherever necessary.
(b) Make a summary of these passages in not more than 80 words and also suggest a suitable title.

Q2. Write a speech in about 150 words about the Increasing Crime rate against Women.

Q3.Draft a poster on the theme of Road Safety.

Q4. Write a letter in not more than 150-200 words to the Editor of a daily commenting on the increasing display of violence and sex in Indian films.

Q5. Praveen Chandra of 38-G, Gokulpuri, Palam, New Delhi wants to let out a portion of his house only to foreigners/ Central Govt. employees. Draft a suitable advertisement to be published in the To-Let column of a national daily giving necessary details.

Q6. You are Vimasl/Vimla. As a representative of your resident welfare association, you have attended a workshop on ‘Promoting Health and Hygiene’. Write a report in about 125 words for publication in your association’s newsletter.

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