Grammar – Word, Phrase and Clause

Word, Phrase and Clause
Word, Phrase and Clauseare meaningful parts of a sentence. For example:
1. He came into the room.
Words:  came, room, he, into, the, etc.
Phrases: into the room.
Clause: He came
2. He is looking at the table.
Words: looking, is, table, the, at, he, etc.
Phrases: at the table
Clause: He is looking
A word is a single distinct meaningful element of speech or writing used with others or sometimes alone to form a sentence. Words are usually separated by spaces in writing. For example: Good, room, girl, metal, sorry, intelligent, saw, he, which, etc.
A phrase is a group of words that does not make a complete sense. It does not have a subject and a verb. For example: on the table, just in time, on account of, for some time, etc.
A clause is a group of words that has a subject and a predicate of its own but it forms part of a sentence. For example:
(a) The kind man gave me a piece of cloth and some money.

(b) My mother was quite happyto see the sight.

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