Idioms and Phrases starting with Alphabet- F

Idioms and Phrases starting with Alphabet- F

Important Idioms and Phrases starting with Alphabet- F

S.No. Idioms/Phrases Meaning
1. Fabian policy Deliberate slow policy/ policy of delaying decisions
2. Fair and square In an honest way
3. Fair sex Women
4. Fair weather friend Selfish friends who are with us only in comfortable situation
5. Fancy price At any cost/ at demanded price
6. Feather in the cap Additional success
7. Feather one’s nest To enrich oneself by taking advantage of one’s position
8. Fight shy of To attempt to avoid a thing or person
9. Fish in troubled waters To take advantage of the problems of others
10. Fish out of water Out of one’s usual and comfortable place
11. Fly in the ointment A slight unpleasant thing that obstruct the enjoyment of something
12. Fool’s paradise A state of being happy for foolish or unfounded reasons
13. Forty winks A nap
14. French leave A leave without information or permission
15. Fringe benefits An additional benefit apart from salary
16. From hand to mouth Providing only bare essentials

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