Class-6 Math Chapter-4: Excercise 4.6 NCERT Solutions

Chapter-4: Basic Geometrical Ideas

Exercise 4.6

Q1.​​ From the figure, identify:

(a) The centre of circle.

(b) Three radii.

(c) A diameter.

(d) A chord.

(e) Two points in the interior.

(f) A point in the exterior.

(g) A sector.

(h) A segment.


Q2.​​ (a) Is every diameter of a circle also a chord?

(b) Is every chord of a circle also a diameter?


(a) Yes, every diameter of a circle is also a chord.

(b) No, every chord of a circle is not a diameter.

Q3.​​ Draw any circle and mark:

(a) Its centre

(b) A radius

(c) A diameter

(d) A sector


(a) Its centre is O

(b) A radius is OB

(c) A diameter is AC

(d) A sector OAB

Q4.​​ Say true or false:

(a) Two diameters of a circle will necessarily intersect.

(b) The centre of a circle is always in its interior.


(a) True

(b) True

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