How was your paper today?

Dear readers, please share your exam experience for CBSE Class XII English Paper (2nd March 2019).

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9 thoughts on “How was your paper today?”

  1. Its was quite easy but all of us had a problem in novel questions. In question paper we were supposed to answer from both the novels. 11th question had 4 sub questions from one novel and 12 th question had 4 sub questions from other novel.

    • It was very nice. A bit lengthy so I could not complete my one of the article. And what about question 12 . Will we be awarded with 6 marks ????

  2. It was too good i attempted all the questions but there was problem in a one mark question but i had attempted tht also

  3. It went really well.. I prepared the whole novel and poems from your site and it helped alot.
    I wish luck to everyone for further exams.

  4. Question was quite easy as compared to the mock tests we had in school. A bit lenghty still I managed 10 mins in the end for review. All went well.

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