GK-Important Joint Military Exercises


Code Name


1.      Ajeya Warrior India and United Kingdom
2.      AUSINDEX India and Australia
3.      Desert Eagle India and United Arab Emirates
4.      Dosti Bilateral Coast Guard exercise between India and Maldives from 1991 to 2011 and Trilateral Coast Guard exercise among India, Sri Lanka and Maldives from 2012.
5.      Garuda Shakti India and Indonesia
6.      Hand-in-hand India and China
7.      Indra India and Russia
8.      Jimex India and Japan
9.      Lamitye India and Seychelles
10.   Malabar India and United States
11.   Milan Multi-nation Naval exercise in the Indian Ocean
12.   Naseem Al Bahr India and Oman
13.   Nomadic Elephant India and Mongolia
14.   Sahyog Kaijin India and Japan
15.   Salvex India and United States
16.   Sampriti India and Bangladesh
17.   Simbex India and Singapore
18.   Slinex India and Sri Lanka
19.   Surya Kiran India and Nepal
20.   Varuna India and France




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