GK- Nicknames/Sorbiquets of Indian Cities & States

 Sorbiquets: Nick names of important places and persons



Nickname of City/State

Actual name of City/State

1. Bengal mourning Damodar
2. Bihar mourning Kosi
3. Blue Mountains Nilgiri Hills
4. City of Bangles Firozabad
5. City of Bridges Srinagar
6. City of Festivals Madurai
7. City of Lakes Srinagar
8. City of Locks Aligarh
9. Diamond Harbour Kolkata
10. Fruit basket Himachal Pradesh
11. Gateway of India Mumbai
12. Heart of India Delhi
13. India Garden Bangalore
14. India’s Hollywood Mumbai
15. India’s Paris Jaipur
16. India’s spice garden Kerala
17. India’s Switzerland Kashmir
18. Karnataka Ratna Mysore
19. Manchester of India Ahmedabad
20. National highways Chaurah Kanpur
21. North India’s Manchester Kanpur
22. Nwabo town Lucknow
23. Palaces of the city Kolkata
24. Pink city Jaipur
25. Pride of Rajasthan Chittorgarh
26. Queen of Arabian Sea Kochi
27. Queen of Hills Mussoorie
28. Queen of South Pune
29. Rice Bowl Chhattisgarh
30. Sea son Lakshadweep
31. South Ganga Godavari River
32. South India’s Ganges Cauvery
33. South Kashmir Kerala
34. Steel City Jamshedpur
35. The city of Golden Temple Amritsar
36. The city of seven islands Mumbai
37. The city of temples and ghats Varanasi
38. The heart of Rajasthan Ajmer
39. The land of five rivers Punjab


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