GK- Intelligence/Detective Agencies of the world


S.No. Detective Agencies Country
1. Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) Australia
2. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) USA
3. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) USA
4. Direction General de la Securite Exterieur (DGSE) France
5. Sazamane Etelaatva Amniate Kechvar (SAVAK) Iran
6. Ministry of State Security (MSS) China
7. KGB/GRU Russia
8. National Intelligence Agency South Africa
9. Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) Pakistan
10. MI (Military Intelligence)-5 and 6, Special branch, Joint Intelligence Organisation UK
11. Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), Intelligence Bureau (IB) India
12. MOSSAD Israel
13. Naicho Japan
14. Mukhabarat Egypt
15. General Security Directorate Iraq


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