GK- List of Inventions and their Inventors

S.No. Invention Inventor
1. Adding Machine Pascal
2. Aeroplane Wright
3. Balloon Wright Brothers
4. Ball-point Pen John Loud‎; ‎László Bíró‎
5. Barometer C. Biro
6. Bicycle E. Torricelli
7. Bicycle Tyre K. Macmillan
8. Calculating machine J.B Dunlop
9. Centrigrade Scale Pascal
10. Cine camera Charles Babbage
11. Cinema Friese-Greene
12. Cinematograph A. Celsius
13. Clock (Mechanical) A.L. and J.L Lumiere
14. Clock (Pendulum) Hsing and Ling-Tsan
15. Computer Thomas Alva Edison
16. Diesel engine Rudolf Diesel
17. Dynamo Michael Faraday
18. Electric Iron H.W. Seeley
19. Electric Lamp Thomas Alva Edison
20. Electromagnet W. Sturgeon
21. Evolution(theory) Charles Darwin
22. Film (with sound) Dr Lee De Forest
23. Fountain Pen LE. Waterman
24. Gramophone T.A Edison
25. Jet engine Sir Frank Whittle
26. Machine gun Richard Gatling
27. Micro Processor Federico Faggin
28. Microphone David Hughes
29. Microscope Z. Jansen
30. Motor car (Petrol) Karl Benz
31. Motorcycle Edward Butler
32. Printing Press J. Gutenberg
33. Radio G. Marconi
34. Radium Marie and Pierre Curie
35. Refrigerator J. Harrison and A. Catlin
36. Rubber(vulcanized) Charles Goodyear
37. Rubber(waterproof) Charles Macintosh
38. Safety pin William Hurst
39. Sewing machine B. Thimmonnier
40. Ship (Steam) J.C. Perier
41. Ship (turbine) Sir Charles Parsons
42. Steam engine (condenser) James Watt
43. Steam engine (piston) Thomas Newcome
44. Telephone Alexander Graham Bell
45. Telescope Hans Lippershey
46. Television John Logie Bared
47. Thermometer Galileo Galilei
48. Transistor Bardeen, Shockley
49. Typewriter C. Sholes
50. Watch A.L Breguet
51. X-ray Wilhelm Roentgen


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