GK-Canal & Strait in the World

Strait: a narrow passage of water connecting two seas or two other large areas of water


Canal/Strait Divided land masses

Joined water bodies

1.      Bering Strait Alaska and Siberia Pacific and Arctic
2.      Bosphorus Strait Runs through Istanbul (Turkey) separating Asian part of Turkey from its European part Black Sea and Sea of Marmara
3.      Cook Strait North and South Islands of New Zealand Tasman Sea and South Pacific Ocean
4.      English Channel England and France North Sea and Atlantic Oceans
5.      Kiel Canal Runs through Germany North Sea and Baltic Sea
6.      Palk Strait India and Sri Lanka Bay of Bengal and Gulf of Mannar
7.      Panama Canal Runs through Republic of Panama Pacific and Atlantic Oceans
8.      St. George’s Channel Ireland and Wales Irish Sea and Atlantic Ocean (Celtic Sea)
9.      Strait of Gibraltar Africa and Europe Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea
10.   Strait of Malacca Indonesia (Sumatra) and Malaysia (Malay) Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean
11.   Suez Canal Runs through Egypt Mediterranean and Red Sea
12.   Ten Degree Channel Andaman Islands and Nicobar Islands  




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