Idioms and Phrases starting with Alphabet-A

Idioms and Phrases starting with Alphabet-A

Important Idioms and Phrases starting with Alphabet- A

S.No. Idioms/Phrases Meaning
1 Achilles’ heels A small but fatal weakness
2 Add fuel to fire To make a matter worse
3 An arm chair job Good income job with high comfort
4 An axe to grind Something done for selfish reasons
5 An iron-will Strong will power
6 An old flame A person, one had a romantic relationship with, in the past
7 An old head on young shoulders A child or young person who thinks and talks like an older and experienced person
8 An olive branch Peace request/ peace treaty
9 Apple of discord Matter of dispute
10 Apple of one’s eye Very lovable/ dearest one
11 Apple-pie-order In good condition
12 At a loss To be unable to decide
13 At a pinch In a trouble
14 At arm’s length Avoid becoming too friendly
15 At daggers drawn To have bitter enmity
16 At ease Free from pain and anxiety
17 At one’s finger’s ends To have complete knowledge
18 At one’s wit’s end Puzzled / confused / perplexed
19 At sixes and sevens In disorder
20 At stake At risk and insecured
21 At the eleventh hour At the last moment


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