Idioms and Phrases starting with Alphabet- C

Idioms and Phrases starting with Alphabet- C

Important Idioms and Phrases starting with Alphabet- C

S.No. Idioms/Phrases Meaning
1. Carry the coal to newcastle Spending time and energy in doing something that is useless and wastage of energy
2. Cast pearls before swine A right thing in a wrong hand
3. Castles in the air Day dream/ a hope or desire unlikely to be realized
4. Cat and dog life Troublesome life
5. Catch a tartar To grapple with a unexpectedly formidable opponent
6. Cat’s paw A person used by another as a dupe or tool
7. Chew the cud To ponder over / meditate
8. Chicken hearted Lacking courage / cowardly
9. Cock-and-bull story A concocted story
10. Crocodile tears An false display of grief
11. Cross swords To quarrel or fight
12. Cry for the moon To desire the unattainable
13. Cry over spilled milk Regret in vain for what cannot be undone
14. Cut a sorry figure To give a poor show
15. Cut both ways Argue in favour of both sides
16. Cut no ice To fail to make an impression
17. Cut one’s coat according to one’s cloth To live within one’s means

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