General Knowledge

Facts: India

 1  List of Cities & Towns Situated on Rivers Bank in India
 2  First in India (Men)


Facts: World

 1  List of Father of the Nation of different Countries
 2  List of Waterfalls in the World
 3  List of Landlocked Countries
 4  New Seven Wonders of the World
 5  International Boundaries between Countries
 6  List of Deserts in the World
7  List of Official Books of Major Countries
 8  Top 5 Largest and Smallest Countries (Area & Population wise)
 9  List of Countries ,their Capital and Currencies


Facts: Monuments and Memorials

 1  Famous Indian Monuments


Facts: Art, Culture & Tourism


Facts: Sign, Symbols & Emblems

 1  List of Important Symbols or Signs
 2  List of National Emblems of Famous Countries


Facts: Nicknames

 1  GK- Nicknames/Sorbiquets of Indian Cities & States


Facts: Freedom Struggle & Battles


Facts: Institutions & Organisations

 1  Intelligence/Detective Agencies of the world
 2  Name of Parliament of Different Countries


Facts: Universe

 1  Important Facts about Universe
 2  List of natural satellites of the Planets


Facts: Dates & Political Parties

 1  List of International Decades
 2  List of International Years
 3  Famous Political Parties of Different Countries
 4  List of Day Celebration in a Year


Facts: Defence

 1  List of Missiles in India


Facts: Transport and Industries


Facts: Newspapers & Books

 1  Indian Authors and their Books
 2  List of World’s Famous Newspapers


Facts: Agriculture, Dams & Power Plants

 List of Grasslands of the World


Facts: Environment & Wildlife

 1  List of National Parks in India
 2  List of National Birds of All Countries


Facts: Awards, Honours & Prizes

 1  List Of Miss World Winners (1951-2016)
 2  List of Bharat Ratna Recipients 1954-2016
 3  List of Jnanpith Award Winners 1965-2016
 4  List of Dadasaheb Phalke Award Winners 1969-2016


Facts: Science & Technology


Facts: Sports



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